New! - George Burchett Color Photo Print

Posted by Kayla Gronseth on

Continuing with our series of vintage color photo reprints, we are excited to add a stunning photo featuring "The King of the Tattooists", George Burchett. This vivid color photo depicts Burchett tattooing a young serviceman during WWII in 1943. Shown in strikingly high definition, this image gives us a glimpse into the past. We obtained licensing direct from the source and are happy to be able to share this image with you. Limited quantities. The original caption for this photo is "February 1943 - Famous Tattooist Mr. Burchett of Waterloo Bridge is visited by U.S. soldiers. Picture shows him tattooing the arm of a U.S. soldier". 

1943 20th Century Bristol Tattoo Club British Tattoo George Burchett Military Military Tattoo Tattoo Traditional Tattoo U.S. Soldier Vintage Tattoo Vintage Tattoo Photo WWII Yellow Beak Press

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