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We would like to extend an enormous thank you to every person that helped make this book possible. Sailor Vern was a special man, and it has been our utmost honor to research his life and legacy. This project would have been impossible to complete without a handful of generous people.

We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet and work with Aaron LeGore. He was kind enough to reach out and share Sailor Vern’s vast collection of tattoo memorabilia with us. We knew very little about Sailor Vern when we first met Aaron. He was truly the spark for this project, and for that we are greatly appreciative.

Once the ball was rolling, we sought out Sailor Vern’s family and, after many hours of searching, were lucky enough to connect with them. His daughter, Sharon, and widow, Ada, graciously invited us into their home and immediately treated us like part of their family. From the very beginning, they made us feel like a part of their family and we are so grateful for them. Through the deep friendship we have developed with them, they have helped us truly understand what kind of man Vern was. For us, connecting with his family was easily the most rewarding part of this entire project. They are extremely kind-hearted people, and we are privileged to say that they are now our lifelong friends.

The foundation of this project was very difficult to formulate. Without the help of Carmen Nyssen, Chuck Eldridge, and Ed Hardy, this book would not have come to fruition. We are unbelievably grateful for the kindness and guidance given to us during our research of this great man. We would also like to thank Evan Cotgageorge and Ross Viator for their dedication to the details throughout this project.


This project has been a very exciting and fulfilling process. We have had some very great interactions with many of you throughout the making of this book and we cannot express our gratitude enough! We hope that the pages of this book are something that Vern would have been proud of and that his family (and the world) can finally see his tremendous life brought to light through the monumental collection that he left behind.

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