Vintage Gib "Tatts" Thomas Photo Poster Print Set

Vintage Gib "Tatts" Thomas Photo Poster Print Set

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Vintage photo poster print set featuring Gib "Tatts" Thomas circa 1967. Both images were taken at his shop and Dietzel flash can be seen on the walls, as well as, Ralph Johnstone flash in his hands. These photos were licensed from the original source and were shown together in a feature about "Tatts" Thomas during the time period when Milwaukee would soon prohibit tattooing. The original caption for the photographs was, "Gib “Tatts” Thomas reminisces on 50 years in the tattoo business as he waits for customer in his Milwaukee tattoo parlor, Feb. 11, 1967. “Some of the things I put on people,” Thomas says, “I would not have on me if I had all the room in the world.” He has no more room. He ran out of it 30 years earlier. When he was a circus tattooed man. Thomas, 66, will be out of business on June 30 when Milwaukee will prohibit tattooing."

  • Two - 13x19 Poster Prints
  • Heavy 100lb Gloss Paper
  • UV Coating

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